Girugamesh – INCOMPLETE

未完成なら 今すぐ言えよ
待っていた時間が 無駄になんだよ
終わりがくれば 始めるだけ
いつだって そうやって 生きて行くんだよ

Lets just fuck then cuddle while we talk until morning.

What have I gotta do to get some annon love up in here? o-o

I always go too far and fuck up by saying something I should not have said or not keeping something to myself. It never helps anyone..


wouldnt it be cool to meet one of your followers?

" My home is in the words you sing
Every letter of the notes you bring
Every story you tell of feeling alive
When you hear these words
And you change your life
You change your mind, the way you think
These words last forever on your skin in ink "
" Without a care if a heart gets broken, you’ll all learn in the end.
There’s a better way!
Baby move in closer, you couldn’t hurt me if you tried.
I won’t fall down again. "
" You, should really try it sometime.
Cause it feels so good. "

Let’s get drunk at midnight, listen to our favorite songs and kiss so much that our lips burn. Then fuck until we can’t anymore, then fall asleep in each other’s arms.